Have you ever had one of those moments where you needed that extra stimulation to get your libido pumping but didn’t have access, time, or the courage to seek out the necessary resources? Standing in line at the local corner store with a magazine censored in a black plastic covering is not the ideal way to be caught by classmates or GSIs outside of school. Some may even be reluctant to use the free resources available on the World Wide Web in fear that their computer may get spammed with erotic ads, or friends may stumble upon the “recently visited” sites while using your computer. So for those faint of heart for being caught in the erotic mess of being exposed as a sexual being, here is a more discrete alternative for which you may already have the resources needed get your fix.

BOOKS, the one item that we are guaranteed to acquire at some point in our academic careers. I am not talking about books found in the erotic section in bookstores (although those could work as well), I am talking about the books you can find in the literature section, the ones professors put on reading lists. These are books by literary masters who transformed the field of literature, and guess what! Many of them have erotic descriptions written right in.

Venus in Furs, a novel by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch explores ideas of sexual submission and dominance. The authors name look familiar? The term masochism was named after him for this specific reason. The novel follows his voluntary slavery to a woman over a period of time, and then her desire to be the submissive to another man.

Madame Bovary tells a tale of a bored wife who seeks out lovers to fill the void in her life. There is even a point in the novel where she attempts to sell sex for money to pay off her mounting debt. But beware, along with the eroticism, this, like many literature masterpieces, has a dark side and a tragic ending that could definitely ruin the mood.

Books also give you the chance to be more creative and take more of an active role in your fantasies. Since characters in novels are merely described at the discretion of the author, one can place characters from popular culture into the vision set up by the novel. I actually got this idea from a teacher who once asked us if we were to create a motion picture of the novel we were reading, who would we cast to play the parts? Cast your celebrity crushes in these novels.

If you are a student, you probably have some of these on your bookshelves so close by, and you didn’t even realize it. You may also be wondering on how much you have been missing out on by not reading the entirety of the novels for your classes. If you have roommates who are English or Literature majors, SCORE! The access to the literature is at your fingertips, and you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home. If you are not a student, rest easy. There are a plethora of books stores, probably within walking distance, and if you are seen holding these titles, no one will suspect you are using these for reasons other than exploring some of the most critically acclaimed books in literature.

Just remember to be careful when using these resources to get your libido rolling. Despite recent technology that allows you to read literature on the Internet, books are usually made from paper, and if not careful during these erotic moments, one can be injured. Paper cuts hurt! But if you like the pain, by all means, let it happen, but just be careful! Safe is sexy!

~ Sara Belmonte