It is the phrase people dread and pity but what does long distance relationship really mean? All relationships are different for better or worse, but why is it that this three-word phrase brings about gasps and sorrow from all that hear it? The down side of a long distance partner is known by most; you cannot touch when you want to, cannot have sexual relations, cannot go to events together. The negatives are constantly heard, but yet people still find themselves in these relationships so there has to be a reason why. I am here to release some positive energy about these underrated relationships.

Communication is key to a relationship, and anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship can vouch that communication is not lacking. When unable to express yourself through body language or looks, which can in fact be misreading, using your words is a must. It is easy to say that sex is more intimate than a conversation, but the raw truth of a person can very easily come out through oral communication. It is easy to get distracted from difficult or long conversations when touching is an option, but long distance forces those barriers to be jumped and certain topics to be covered. You may be surprised by the amount of information that comes out when put on a phone with somebody for a long period of time.

Another benefit that should not be overlooked is the independent factor. For a busy, independent person like many of you out there, relationships are sometimes more time-consuming or bring about more codependence than you are ready for. Long-distance relationships give people a rare opportunity to find an equal balance between your relationship and the other things in your life like friendships, classes and extracurriculars. Now, I am not saying that all people in relationships are unable to find that equal balance, but for those who easily lose themselves and forget their individual freedom when in a relationship, long-distance can force a balance between relationship time and personal time.

This is not meant to confuse you into wanting a long distance relationship. I am not advocating moving across the country because you want to experience all of the benefits of this type of relationship. All of the negatives that were previously mentioned as commonly known do still exist, but when long distance is against a relationship’s power, keep that head up. Focus on the perks of the situation and do not let those gasps get in the way of what may be a healthy relationship.