The day had finally cum – the special package was ready to be collected – 30 condoms ready to be distributed!  I posted on the SHEP Facebook group a day in advance so all of the sexy public would know when and where I was distributing the love – 9pm, Friday the 8th of March at Stebbins Co-Op where there was to be a RAGING party.  I also spread the word (with my sensual mouth) within Stebbins and used my own Facebook page.  

So began what turned out to be a party that went down in Berkeley history (well not really, but it was a pretty rad party!) with a 200 strong crowd.  Rather fittingly the theme was “psychedelic 60’s” so sharing the love was on the cards and the condoms could not have been more well received!  

The condoms were being taken faster than rabbits reproduce, and I didn’t receive one negative reaction!  This contrasted highly with handing them out on Sproul when I found some people were scared or disturbed at the concept.  I guess this shows how context matters – at the party it was mostly young college students ready to have some fun.  The only thing that came close to being a negative reaction is when I handed out a few XL condoms; some of the ladies seemed a little concerned that they had to choose their potential suitor rather wisely 😉

Overall this was a very positive experience, yay to safe sex!!