For my random act of sexiness, I distributed condoms today March 20 on Sproul Plaza at noon. It only took me about twenty minutes to distribute the 30 condoms. My experience distributing condoms this time around was a little different than distributing safer sex supplies during National Condom Week. Distributing condoms alone was a little tougher and today it was raining so less people were willing to talk and interact with me. 


Within the first five minutes of distributing my safer sex supplies, nobody took any. Then around noon exactly (when class was dismissed) as more people began passing through Sproul, I got all of my condoms distributed within fifteen minutes. Most people at that time were pretty enthusiastic about receiving free condoms, which made me happy. However, many just took them without asking any follow up questions because it was raining and they just wanted to get where they were going. My favorite part of the experience happened during an encounter with a father and his two sons who went to the university. I initially tried to hand a condom to the father but he declined. The first boy took one and said: “I love college!” The second boy took one and said: “Thank you! I really like you! Can I have an extra one for my dad?” The three then went off to have lunch. I liked that even though the father didn’t initially take any condoms he was open about sex to the point that the sons were able to grab an extra for him. That’s the type of sex positive interaction I like to see among all!