On March 14th, at 7pm, I partnered up with Mas Mas! Monica to pass out condoms at the Big Queer Event in 155 Dwinelle Hall. For whatever reason, I hadn’t even heard of this event until that morning, when my partner Stephen mentioned that he would be attending.

Conveniently, this event came right after my shift tabling at Take Back the Night. Take Back the NIght was a program held by the Gender Equity center, aimed at raising awareness for and empowering people against sexual and relationship violence at UC Berkeley. I was truly moved by the rousing and inspiring performances, including one from SHEP’s own Mas Mas! Monica.

After Take Back the Night ended, I followed the crowd to Dwinelle where the Big Queer Event was taking place. After lamenting the fact that this would have been the perfect place to pass out condoms, if only I had brought some and planned ahead, I found that Monica had the same idea, and that she had brought extra condoms! With that, we teamed up to pass out sixty condoms and dental dams that night.

Interestingly, we met another group that was there passing out condoms that night. Berkeley Builds Capacity was there with us that night passing out condoms, lube, and comics. I left after I passed out my share of the condoms and when everyone began to moving inside to enjoy the performance.