A random act of sexiness: defined by SHEP as the giving of 30 condoms to college students over the course of an hour at any time and location of the givers choosing.

This was my assignment .  To be honest, this was not a challenge for me.  My comrades and I did a loop around campus starting at Pappy’s walking up to frat row, down to the Units and ending at C.R.E.A.M.   We encountered a whole range of people with a broad spectrum of reactions from enthusiastic and thankful to dismissive and disgusted.   

For 3 years I have been giving out condoms to complete strangers (and some friends) and this night was no different.  You can decide whether or not outreach is going to be awkward.  Much like standing at the edge of a diving board the challenge is all in making that first jump, offering that first person a condom, and the rest is easy.  A cheery “free condoms?” and an outstretched hand, that’s all it takes to plunge into a random act of sexiness.

Because this wasn’t necessarily a challenging exercise I had time to contemplate how distributing safer sex supplies has impacted me as a college student.  A condom is a beautiful thing really.  And walking around with a fanny pack full of them is oddly powerful.  They are so neat and contained in their little packets with their serrated edges.  The feel of the air bubble that ensures the package is uncompromised, the way they slide back and forth nice and slippery from lubrication.  If you hold enough condoms  you may come to appreciate these details.  Or at least I have.  More than just a condom, that little packet holds potential.  The potential for a sexy, consensual adventure that perhaps you only ever dreamed of.  So for one night for an hour I got to pass out potential to people, a key to unlocking their desires without fear of consequences.