ImageI was pretty excited to do this project because I got a lot of enthusiasm from students the last time I handed out birth control during National Condom Week. We didn’t have any condoms that day, even though that was the number one reason people approached us at the table, so I was really happy to be able to pass out a common birth control technique many people use.

I started handing out condoms at North Gate on Friday, the 5th of April in the afternoon around 3:30, and then headed over to Sproul to pass out the rest. When I first started handing out condoms, I just yelled out “free condoms!” and was immediately welcomed by a group of students. As I passed them out, I checked in to make sure they all new the correct way to put one on. Most of them said yes, so I tested them on it—but many of them forgot important steps like checking the expiration date, moving the condom to the side of the package, and tying the condom after using it. I was very impressed with the number of girls that approached me as well. I love to see empowered women that take matters of birth control into their own hands. Overall, it was a great way to interact with people, and answer questions using all that I have learned in Sex 101.