I completed my random act of sexiness on a random Friday afternoon, April 5th. I couldn’t think of any special place to spread the sex-positivity, so I decided to try reliable ol’ Upper Sproul. Luckily, my fellow SHEP intern Jackie came along, so I wasn’t alone!

When we had first embarked on our task, I had actually forgot that people were still campaigning on Sproul. Admittedly, I generally avoid Sproul during campaign season to avoid the constant flyering and campaigning. It was funny to be on the other side, going up to random students handing out safer sex supplies.

Once we had done enough of that, we decided to give all of the people on Sproul a taste of their own medicine: we started campaigning sex-positivity to the campaigners and organization. We ended up talking to some cool sex-positive and feminist candidates, one of whom was wearing a big onesie and stuff some of our condoms in her giant pockets!

Quite a few fraternities and sororities were also tabling that day, and we had the pleasure of chatting with them. I didn’t realize how many greek groups hadn’t heard of SHEP and that we do awesome sexual health workshops. When I told them that we could do sexual health workshops for free for their organizations, so many people were very interested, and we gave them our SHEP email. For those who don’t know, fraternities and sororities are required to have health/risk education for their members. Many opt to have someone come in and talk about alcohol safety, which is very important but why see the same alcohol safety workshop every year when you can have SHEP present one of our very sexy and informative workshops?

Being in SHEP for my third year now, I initially didn’t think too much of passing out condoms on Sproul, but it ended up being an interesting experience. Jackie had actually taken our Sex 101 decal when I co-facilitated it last semester, so I’ve known for a while that she is exceptionally outgoing and fun. However, when it came to talking about SHEP and what we do with different organizations at their tables, she was actually nervous and struggled a bit. I hadn’t realized how much I take my outreach experience for granted, that my SHEP “elevator pitch” will just dribble out of my mouth without much thinking.

It was really nice to get to know one of our new SHEP interns for the semester. I hope doing outreach with me was a valuable learning experience for her, and I’ve no doubt outreach work will become second nature for her as well.