maxturbationI went to distribute condoms on Sproul on April 26. I was with my friend Robinwood, who is also taking the Sex DeCal. No one really seemed interested at first. This was most likely because we never mentioned that we were in the Sex class. We looked like two random guys giving away sketchy condoms. Once we realized this flaw in our delivery, we explained to people why we were distributing condoms. This allowed people to feel much more comfortable taking the condoms.

A lot of people were interested in the different types of condoms we were distributing. Since we went over this in class, we were able to answer questions and found ourselves engaging in conversations where we educated people about other forms of contraception and safe sex gadgets such as finger condoms and sex toys. Of course some people still avoided us at all costs, but others found us out. All in all it was a pretty fun experience and it only took us about thirty minutes to give away all of the condoms.

–Maxturbation, Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCaler