Carly VOn April 30, 2013 I went out on Upper Sproul from 3-4PM to pass out traditional condoms for an hour. I brought along my Big from my sorority, because we wanted to do some community service together!

After the hour, we had passed out 22 of the 30 condoms. To be honest, it was a little intimidating to hand out condoms when it wasn’t obvious that I was associated with Sex 101/SHEP or National Condom Day! Most people were pretty awkward when I offered them condoms as they walked by, and I got a lot of confused/weirded out looks from people (lol). I have to say, I have a lot of respect for people who successfully flyer on Sproul now 🙂 A few people were very friendly to my Big and I, though, and asked us some questions about what kind of condoms we were passing out! It was pretty cool being able to explain a little bit about traditional condoms, especially since it really isn’t “common knowledge” for everyone quite yet.

Overall, I was glad to participate in Random Acts of Sexiness, and hope to keep contributing to sexual health and sex positivity in our community in the future!