As Spring Semester nears to an end, I finally participated in the Random Acts of Sexiness. Since I live at Unit 2, I decided to stay close-by and distribute my condoms there in the courtyard. I was very surprised of how quickly I ran out of them and I was also pretty surprised by the reactions that I received from various people.

 I started around 6:00 PM and decided just to walk around and approach people. Immediately, after I went out of my dorm, I felt hesitant to randomly pass out condoms. Even though I was hesitant, I decided to approach a girl who was sitting down, fearing that she might think it was awkward and reject my offer. As I walked up to her, I cheerfully asked, “Would you like a condom? I am passing them out for my Sex Ed class”. Gratefully, she accepted it and agreed to take a photo with me as well! This helped me raise my confidence that this wasn’t totally weird and made me more inspired to hand out all of the 1

However, the courtyard was quite empty, so I made my way down to the APR and decided to seek out people to distribute condoms to. Most people were sitting by themselves on laptops studying or doing work but I approached each one and handed them condoms. There were maybe 5 people in the room, I’m not quite sure if it was a study room or a presentation room but it was quite big and they were sitting pretty far apart! Some people, including a guy was very surprised and didn’t think I was seriously handing out condoms but he gladly took them and thanked me for it!

Although I felt that generally people were pretty much excited, surprised or open to accepting condoms, of course, there was the exception of people who were outright awkward about it or hostile to the offer. One girl, in particular said, “No thanks. I don’t have sex” in the coldest tone possible. However, I guess that’s just another person’s point of view and I can’t really bag on it.

What I thought was funny or surprising is that most people didn’t want the XL sized condoms and I felt awkward just offering them to guys because I think that they just assumed that I thought they were big or something. They were the last to be handed out because most people denied them and wanted normal sized condoms instead. In fact, most guys preferred the normal sized condoms and so I started offering them to girls instead, one of the girls even exclaimed that, “Super XLs don’t exist in Berkeley!” Oh, how wrong she is!photo 2

Overall, I felt the experience was a good one and I was able to distribute all my condoms while walking around Unit 2. While it was a little awkward to approach people who were standing alone waiting for someone or having deep profound conversations with friends, I felt like I did my part in the random acts of sexiness and I am happy that I got to partake in the role of spreading the message of safe sex. Stay sexy y’all and have some great safe sex!


Ratchet Rachel, Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCaler