Hello My fellow Cal Bears!

 Hope summer is going well for all of you! As you may or may not know, June is PRIDE month! What is PRIDE month? Well time for super super brief history recap… June was chosen to be pride month because it was around the time of the Stonewall riots back in 1969 (look up this event, it’s tragic and empowering), which then led to the Gay Liberation Movement and current fight for equal rights, such as marriage. As a result of this incident, all over the world people of the LGBTQQIIAA (and more) community hold events and parades to commemorate and celebrate the beautiful diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity, and every form of love in between. But why am I talking about this? Well I had been so busy with taking summer classes and working that I needed a break by surrounding myself with sex-positive individuals, so I was off to this year’s Berkeley Pride. Thank you, Ella Bastone for helping put it together!

 Berkeley Pride took place at 5pm on June 24th at Freight and Salvage Cafe. I wasn’t planning on tabling, but I found myself taping my SHEP poster to a table and setting up traditional condoms, and a few other safer sex supplies. Since people just saw tons of colors on a table, they were unsure on whether they were just different color packages or if they actually had a different function. I totally missed having to explain to people what the differences were, so I was glad the attendees of Berkeley Pride were comfortable in asking me about the differences between each traditional condom. From ribbed textures to studded, and to thinner latex to larger sized, they had questions and I provided the clarification. There was also one sweet, young teen whose mother was a sexual health educator who told me about her awesome experiences of always being surrounded by sex positivity.

 The main stage had several people of the LGBTQ(and more) community, whether it be comedians, politicians, poetry slammers, or our very ownPRIDE flag waving in wind incoming SHEP Sexpert Jorge Hernandez aka La Reina de Aztlan performing and masterfully impersonating the beautiful singer Selena. The speakers and performers were both entertaining and empowering, which totally makes me excited for SF Pride this coming weekend!

May the fight for love continue,

Mas, Mas Monica