On Friday, April 19, I distributed 30 free condoms outside of the Clark Kerr dining hall as part of my Random Acts of Sexiness.  Being stationed outside of my residence hall’s dining commons, I was guaranteed to get a variation of students to pass by me.  After all, everyone needs to eat.  This proved to be true as many students with differing reactions walked by.  I found that the majority of students just ignored me as a I asked them if they would like a free condom.  Most students were obviously embarrassed and ducked their head to avoid making eye contact with me.   However, some students were more than eager to take one which definitely made my task more fun. 

            Ultimately, I found my Random Acts of Sexiness to be a really entertaining experience.  I was surprised that so many students declined taking a free condom from me.  Although I know that not all students choose to participate in sex, I thought more would be excited about the idea of not having to pay for protection.  I tried to tell some hesitant students that it was better to be safe than sorry, but I was still turned down, showing that for most, their embarrassment overpowers their logic.  Even though this fact made me somewhat sad, the enthusiasm from other students was thrilling and made me proud to be promoting safe sex!