Double D Daisy 2On April 30, 2013, I went to go pick up the condoms from the tang center around 4 p.m.  Around 5 p.m. I walked to Sproul hall and I decided to hand out the condoms there. At first I was a little intimidated since I was the only girl handing out condoms for free. But later when the students started getting condoms from me, others started approaching and I was able to feel comfortable enough to even start yelling out “FREE CONDOMS” and even started promoting “Go to Shep located at the tang center and get free condoms there” since there were people who kept telling me that “It was nice of us to be giving out condoms just stay safe”. 

I did not have a problem dealing with any creeps, everyone who I handedDouble D Daisy 1 condoms too were really nice and generous.  It was actually a pretty nice experience asking random people if they could take pictures with me showing off the condoms. I found that pretty fun and different to do. Overall, I really did enjoy going through this experience, I never thought that Sex 101 would help me build the enough confidence to freely talk about safe sex, give out condoms, and taking pictures with strangers.  Thank you a lot to both Monica and Kim for a great spring semester.