Hi! My name is Slip N’ Slide Summer: 3rd year Public Health Major and Gender and Women Studies Minor. Now that I’m in my second semester in SHEP, I am once again very excited to blow people’s minds and shine light on the concept of “sex positivity” to those who are unaware of this term. More specifically this semester, I will be in charge of SHEP’s modes of social media. Follow our Instagram: ucbshep. Like our Facebook page: Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP).

Why did I join SHEP? Before attending UC Berkeley, my naïveté and the hush-hush nature of sex increased my curiosity about sex and sexuality. I joined SHEP because sex is fun and can be very empowering to people whether they are in a relationship or not, yet understand that many students can feel uncomfortable and afraid and, thus, shy away from this topic and might not have a peer to ask questions. That is where I come in! I fully promote SHEP’s mission of a sex positive campus while debunking societal norms and disseminating information to make Cal a safer sex campus. Communication is lubrication, so come and talk to me about SEX!