Hello all you beautiful people! So on Friday, September 27 at 1 pm I’ve had the chance to get out and table on Sproul for the first time as a Sexpert in SHEP. I had passed out condoms for National Condom Week with the Sex 101 Decal, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to officially do it as a Sexpert, and boy let me tell you, it was so much fun and so empowering to get out there and talk to individuals on the CAL campus about safer sex methods. Though several people just wanted condoms, a lot of people actually had interesting questions and concerns regarding sexual health. One person in specific, was very interesting in lube and the different types. After I answered his questions, he seems genuinely pleased and also very excited to try out the new lube I had given him. Overall, it seemed a successful day on Sproul knowing that I passed out 50+ condoms to very excited students!

–Jiggling Jugs Jasmine