I scrambled to table this last Friday the 3rd smoothly! New to SHEP, I had to navigate the task of getting the SHEP table set up with my fellow SHEP sexpert Jiggling Jugs Jasmine quickly between Friday classes. We rushed to the Tang center, grabbed all that we thought we needed (and more condoms than last time since we ran out so quickly last week), and scurried back up Bancroft to pitch our booth in our regular spot outside GBC. That left us with 15 minutes to table before our next classes, but thankfully Lick Me Lizi and Kinky Khajee were there to take over for us after.

My mom was visiting me for the weekend, and I told her I was tabling for SHEP for the noon hour. She was so excited to see me in action educating the campus student community about sexual health and supplying them with free safer sex supplies, and I was kind of keeping an eye out for her to possibly appear in front of me as I was handing out condoms. Just as I was thinking how funny it would be to run into my mom on Sproul and offer her a condom as I would any other passerby on campus, there she appears right in front of me behind a crowd I was trying to hand out condoms to! She gave me a huge smile, and I (jokingly) asked her if she wanted a free condom. Then she went over to the SHEP booth and I introduced her to my fellow SHEPpers who were tabling with me. Because it was parent’s weekend, there were a higher number of adults on campus than usual, and even more so walking around with their kids who are students at Cal. I received very mixed reactions from parents of students I offered free condoms to, but no matter what their reaction, at least they can know that if their kid wants to be sexually active while at Cal, they can get free barrier methods from SHEP and give both their kid and their kid’s partner(s) a healthier sex life!

Mission accomplished.

– In Me Isabel