Greetings sexy Cal Bears, I’m “In-me” Isabel and I’m here to help you get your freak on with yourself, partner(s), and everything else your wonderfully imaginative minds desire. As a 3rd and former FemSexy, there couldn’t be a better place for me to explore the connection between the brain and body than in the tantalizing topics we talk about in SHEP. The part I’m most looking forward to in being a Sexpert is the chance to allow people to familiarize themselves with their bodies and passions, and if they chose, to extend that self- awareness and self-love and share it with a partner(s). Because however much we may think people are or aren’t engaging in certain sexy behaviors, only you can know your tastes and limits. So in my time at SHEP, I would like to use an idea taken from FemSex, yet originated in SHEP, to “Don’t yuck my yum,” simply asking to not find judgment in whatever you might find appealing, because you never know what just might be your biggest turn-on! Roll on (your condom) you Bears!