I tabled this Friday from 11-1. At first it was pretty slow, probably because it was the first day where it was actually cold and people weren’t up to just hang around Sproul. Also there are a lot of students making their way to UCLA this weekend for the game. Either way, it was a different atmosphere than I was used to in the beginning, and this made me alter my tactics of handing out free traditional condoms. Magic Mike and I upped the ante of taking a condom, and when they did we gave explanations about the different types they chose, and what those types may be best used for. So although we had less contact with the student body in the first hour, we at least got to inform those people about the type of condom they chose other than that they were free.

An elderly woman came up to me and asked if we were the sexual health education program on campus. I told her yes, and she shrieked with joy! It turns out that she was doing the very same thing in 1964 that we do with tabling in SHEP. She said she and her friends were fighting for birth control methods to be legal for use, and the protection they tried getting out to the public the most was the condom. She told me she spoke on Mario Savio steps while holding up a condom fighting for this issue back in the mid-60’s. She went on to start the University of Illinois’s sexual health education program for students while she was getting her masters there in women’s health and reproduction. So cool to meet an original SHEPper and someone who has been passionate about spreading sex-positivity and knowledge since she was college-aged like us current SHEPpers!

Magic Mike and I were later joined by SHEPpers DTF Daysha, Jiggling Jugs Jasmine, Kinky Khadjee (and her adorable puppy) and O-Face Olivia. That lady from long-ago SHEP made my day!

– In Me Isabelin