Mike Oct 11On Friday, my fellow sexperts and I tabled at Sproul to promote sex positivity on campus. It was a rough crowd at first because not that many people were taking our condoms and not that many people came to check out our table. Our luck changed when an elderly woman came to our table with excitement and pride. She told us that she was promoting sexual health in UC Berkeley in 1964. She was so thrilled to see how we were carrying out her legacy and we were inspired to hear from a veteran sexpert. The day went on and we passed out so many condoms. I gave condoms to around 50 people. About 5 people approached me to ask about our program and being able to tell them about what we do was the best part of my day. I’m proud to be a sexpert and I get excited when I see people interested in the things we do. I told them all about our workshops and all 5 seemed pretty interested in it. There was one girl that I offered condoms to that said, “I don’t trust free condoms because the quality isn’t as good.” I assured her that the condoms were like any other traditional condom a person can get at a store, but it is better because it would not cost anything to her. She remained skeptical, but I was not going to force her to take any and continued offering condoms to other people. Overall, I felt like we made a big impact and many more people know about us now. Soon, everyone will know who we are when they hear the words SHEP and sexpert.

– Magic Mike