Hello all! A new semester has started and I am pleased to announce that I have completed my first workshop of the semester! I had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow student leader “DTF” Daysha and the organization Philipino Association for Health Careers (PAHC), the topic being safer sex. I had a good time leading some of the activities SHEP is known for. We did some traditional condom demos, insertive condom overview, lubey handshake, and the exploding condom demo, all which were really fun and educational at the same time!

Although this workshop was a bit different than the other ones have done in the past (PAHC officers gave the presentation on STI’s and unintended consequences) , we still managed to answer member’s questions and were able to clear up any misconceptions, misinformation or add to anything that wasn’t said. And because the audience was really engaged and friendly, I felt like SHEP’s presence was really felt and our mission accomplished‼ We Sexperts are there to fill this campus with sexual knowledge one workshop at a time‼

–“Kunnilingus” Kim

On September 19, Kunnilingus Kim and I presented during the Pilipino Association for Health Career’s (PAHC) 1st General Meeting. The topic we spoke about included barrier methods, forms of contraception, common STIs among college students, and types of lubrication. About 50 people showed up for the event; mostly UC Berkeley Pilipino American college students and their friends. I had a great time teaching my fellow Pilipino American UC Berkeley students how to put on a traditional condom, and other skills like “cheeking”!

I identify as a 2nd generation Pilipino American, so I know that there are conservative views in most Pilipino homes–which means that proper sexual health education is probably not discussed. My really close friend, in fact, was 20 years old when I taught her what a “clitoris” is. I just felt really good being able to reach out to my own community and provide them with information that they may be able to use in the future.

– DTF Daysha