My random act of sexiness was a fantastic learning experience! Reaching over 80 enthusiastic students, I handed out over 100 condoms! The penis costume attracted so much attention that all my condoms were gone within 30mins! It was amazing! Not only did students stop to snap a few photos but they were eager to support and learn more about SHEP! And a few students actually discussed with me their personal experiences relating to sexual health and how it was limited where they came from.

They were pleased that SHEP was so dedicated to educate students! Other students wanted to learn more about the insertive condom, STI’s and about getting tested! I explained to them all about dormant symptoms and how to protect themselves! I even demolished the negative connation some students had about lube. I explained my own sexual debut and explained the beauty and helpfulness of lube! All in all, it was a great day to hand out condoms!Suki RAS 1

I was so eager to help fellow Sexpert Jizz On Jackie facilitate a safer sex workshop for Unit 4. We prepared very exciting and engaging activities for the students and were enthusiastic about handing out safer sex supplies! It took a lot of planning and a lot of our time to get the workshop together but it would have been worth it to educate students.

Sadly, however, due to communication activities, the workshop was a no-go because of no-shows. It would have been an amazing and eye-opening workshop, but unplanned problems can cause problems. This was a disappointment since it was my first workshop, but my enthusiasm has not died. I am still looking forward to the next workshop and I have no doubt everyone will show up!

Semen Sucking Suki