jasmine 1

Hello Beautiful Bears! As part of being a Sexpert we are asked to do a Random Acts of Sexiness for the semester. For my act of sexiness I thought it would be rather sexy to distribute condoms, dental dams, and lube to my Female Sexuality class. After giving my class a condom demo, I was able to talk to several students about a variety of safer sex methods. Passing the condoms and stuff out to my class was really a great experience because I’ve gotten the chance to bond with the students in this class beforehand, and after handing out the condoms, it created a safe space and open environment for people to ask me questions. I got a variety of questions about contraceptives such a birth control as well as the suggestions on lube. Being able to do this random act of sexiness really allowed for open discussion between my peers. And ultimately was lots of fun!

— Jiggle Jugs Jasmine