Hello everyone! Big Queer Event went down Thursday, October 10 at 7 pm in Annahead Hall at the Martinez Commons. As usual, the event was filled with happy members of the Queer Community and allies of all different backgrounds and spaces. I was happy to see many QPOC (Queer People of Color) attend the event!

Anyway, when I entered I was greeted by the event coordinator, and I just took my basket filled with traditional condoms, water and silicone based lube, and dental dams. People would swarm to my basket with tons of questions! Most notable were:

What is the difference between silicone and water based lube?

-In short, silicone lube tends to last longer since the body doesn’t absorb it as it does with water-based lube. Both are safe to use vaginally and anally, but since the anus doesn’t create its own lubrication, silicone is recommended.

What condom can help my boyfriend’s penis from stop chaffing?

-For this I had to use my facilitation skills, of which I asked a question for clarification, “Is he allergic to latex?” and they said “Yes.” So, I gladly handed him a non-latex traditional condom.

What is a dental dam and can everyone use it?

-I opened up an expired dental dam for the purpose of education and showed them that it was a stretchy piece of latex, or non-latex if using the “Hot Dam” brand, that can be used as a barrier method when performing or receiving analingus or cunnilingus. I would then hand them lube of their choice, so they can put it on their partner’s side, and told them they can have anything on their side!

In one hour, I passed my entire traditional condom load, which was around 50, all the lubes, and a few of the dental dams. Everyone was eager to learn what I had, and I left with a happy outreach!

Menage a trois Monica