Lizi RAS 1 On Wednesday, October 16th, In Me Isabel and I completed a random act of sexiness! We took traditional condoms, insertive condoms, lube, and dental dams over to Pat Brown’s on  campus to pass them out to fellow UC Berkeley students! We tried our best to politely ask the students that were eating lunch to grab some free safe sex supplies. We were fairly  successful, but after we realized that most people were focused on lunch and studying at Pat Brown’s, we made our way towards Sproul passing them out to people as we walked. We  encountered a lot of excited responses to the offer of free supplies. We also encountered a few “No”s but that didn’t stop us from passing out our entire supply for the day. As we got  closer to Sproul and more students were around the condoms and etc were basically flying out of our baskets! I personally passed out around 40 various safer sex items. It was a lot of fun,  and we even ran into our fellow Sexpert Suki wearing SHEP’s famous Penis costume!

~ Lick Me Lizi