single blue condomHey everybody, last Friday I tabled for SHEP again. I always enjoy seeing so many new faces that I never get see every day. It was a slow day. Not that many people were at Sproul. Most of them were high school students on a field trip, but some of them were interested at our table. Of course, we did not give them safer sex supplies because we are not allowed to give people under the age of 18 any, but we did answer any questions they might have had. I did see an old friend from high school. He came to check out our table and it was nice to see a familiar face when business was going slow. It was probably the first time we did not give out all our condoms. It was still a good experience and I got some vitamin D from that beautiful sunshine. When I got home though, I found out I almost got sunburned. This will not stop me from tabling. I love to tan, I love to meet new people, and I love to teach others about sex! Hope to see more people out there next week!  ~ Magic Mike