Wednesday was another terrific day to hand out condoms! Out on Sproul, I had my visiting partner aid me in handing condoms out to eager students, and he did so in the penis costume!  It was his first time doing this, and Suki RAS 2his first exposure to SHEP.  It really helped break down his misconceptions about the program and he was so excited to participate again.  I was there as his guide and there to answer questions students had!

Some students asked about the purpose of condoms distribution and I simply replied, “we do not promote sexual activity, but if students choose to engage in it, we aid them in doing it safely.” Sadly, we ran out of condoms too quickly and when we were headed back to the TANG center, more students approached us about condoms.  We had to direct them to the TANG center and told them to check us out on SHAW week.  The highlight of the day was when a group of students sitting on the grass beckoned us to give them all condoms while they were sitting down.  My partner ended up “making it rain” condoms on them, so that they could all have at least one!

~ Semen Sucking Suki