Suki RAS 1Another day of a random act of sexiness and another day students can practice safer sex! Standing outside of Moffitt, right in front of the Free Speech Café, I handed out a total of 45 condoms and was able to actually chat with quite a few students which allowed me to reach over 50 students! Some students were curious to approach and ask questions why exactly I was handing out condoms, and I excitedly explained all about SHEP!

Some students were eager to learn more about SHEP and were stoked to sign up for the DeCal next semester and to actually apply for SHEP!  They even asked more about the insertive condom, sadly I did not have any with me; however, I was able to explain the difference between a traditional condom and an insertive condom!  Those students considered going to the SHEP office at the TANG to pick some up.  All in all, it was a good day to hand out condoms to surprised and grateful students!

~ Semen Sucking Suki