On Monday November 25th I had the pleasure to give a Sexual Health Workshop at my sorority Delta Gamma with my fellow sexpert DTF Daysha. It was a really great workshop! Daysha and I taught the girls of Delta Shep_logo rainbow transparentGamma about the various barrier methods, how to use them, and why they were so important to use. The Delta Gammas loved doing the lubey handshake and exploding condom activities. Even the president of Delta Gamma participated in the exploding condom demo!

After Daysha and I went over each barrier method, we opened up the floor for questions. The Delta Gammas had some really great questions and it was so nice to answer everything that they were curious about. One girl asked us how to orgasm! It was super cool to give her some pointers on improving her sexual pleasure. At the end of the workshop we put out free traditional condoms, insertive condoms, and dental dams. The Delta Gammas were very excited about taking free safer sex supplies!

This was my first time facilitating a workshop and it was such an amazing experience. Even days after the workshop women in my sorority were confiding in me about their personal sex related questions and situations. I am so happy to have made these women more comfortable asking questions about safer and more pleasurable sex. I cannot wait for my next workshop.

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