Team Clit PumpsWe are Clit Pumps, composed of me, Slip N’ Slide Summer, Anal-play Angela, and Magic Mike. This fabulous Spring 2014 semester, we are looking forward to introduce folks to insertive condoms during National Condom Week! We are clit pumped to show new people how to properly use an insertive condom to reduce the chance of harm (STIs + pregnancy) for people and have many fun activities planned to do this. Everyone has an anus, so an insertive condom can be used as a barrier method by all folks if they wish to partake in sexual activities pertaining to the anus.

I would like to introduce our new member to SHEP, Anal-play Angela:

Hi world! My name is Anal-play Angela Kim and I’m pleased to meet you. I joined the SHEP team because I love sex and I want, through this program, to help make the Cal campus a more sex Angela for grp blogpositive community. But the larger goal here is to revive and improve sex education and views on sexuality to empower everyone and help them feel good, sexy and safe in their own epidermis. So this semester I am looking forward to reaching out to campus community and learning more about how we all have sex and how we can make sex more safe and more fun! I hope to see you all at events. Go Bears!

Cum visit us, Clit Pumps!