One of my favorite SHEP activities is Random Act of Sexiness. Why? Because I get the opportunity to remind folks to, if they plan to have sexy times and be sexy with someone, use protection! I went out on Sproul on the Monday before Thanksgiving break with sex in mind for other people. Hopefully students had the times to use the traditional condoms during the de-stressing break and to de-stress even more with sexy times in their lives.

It was a chilly day yet in the sun it was nice and warm and us three were out there passing out condoms left and right. I approached one group of young men and they were very eager to grab condoms. So eager that I had to stop them from grabbing too many because, hey, other people need sexy times as well. A couple people were taken aback by our frankness of providing condoms and having to be suddenly presented with the idea of sex. One of the reasons we are out there handing out traditional condoms is to destigmatize the idea of sex as dirty and shameful. Sex positivity is recognizing sex as a process between [multiple] people to learn more about themselves and respond to their bodies. It respects unique sexual identities and celebrates sexual diversity. These sexual activities can be very empowering and pleasurable while being safe and healthy! And importantly, it’s all up to YOU so give consent.