This past weekend, following my coordinator’s suggestions, I distributed 30 condoms to the students who came to celebrate 4/20 at Memorial Glade. Of course, I was not smoking weed at the time I distributed. Angela RAS 420

For the most part, the festive feel of the gathering aided my safe sex supply distribution. A lot of people were glad to take a condom, and many asked for more than one. Some people did look at me like I were crazy or didn’t know what to say to me, but that’s a given, even if everyone is high as heaven and happy.

Overall, I feel like Robin was right–it’s a great idea to hand out safe sex supplies at an event like this because you never really know what’s going to happen after everyone leaves the glade. So, I’d rather have people be safe rather than sorry.

Happy Easter and have a happy high!

Anal-Play Angela.