Sexual Assault Blog EthanI recently read an article that spoke about several facts about sex offenders and how these facts are more shocking than some would expect. The article, Megan’s Law – Facts about Sex Offenders – was outlined in a true-false questionnaire fashion, which allowed the reader to ponder these generally conceived questions before learning the truth. Some of the information listed in this article pertained to the reasons that sexual offenders participate in these unethical acts. It is stated that they do not do so in order to gain sexual satisfaction or because they cannot find a consenting partner, when in fact, many offenders are married, in a relationship and only commit these acts in order to feel some sort of power or control over their victim. Something that I knew going into the article was the fact that sexual offenders are often familiar to their victims and are usually close to them or attempt to get close before abusing them. This lulls their victim into a false sense of security, I believe, and allows them to do whatever they want to the child or adult victim over time.

The article mostly tried to debunk many of the common misconceptions people have about sexual offenders and who can potentially be one. Women, just as much as men, can be sexual offenders and most victims do not say that they’ve been assaulted right away due to feelings of fear and confusion. To me, this scares me because it shows that there could be an invisible world out there, and a community of people that have been hurt or scarred by these events. But at the same time, the people that do step up and speak out their experiences are probably some of the bravest and most humble.

~ “Eat ‘em Out” Ethan

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