Ticha Community 1 Asian American community at Berkeley boasts a diverse range of students of all nationalities and ethnicities, making up a staggering 40% of the newly admitted freshmen this year on campus, my community of choice was a broad range of individuals. I decided to team up with APASD, which is the Asian Pacific American Student Development, which is a program that serves the diverse and changing needs to the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. They provide accessible and relevant programming and resources, cross-cultural community building through education and empowerment. Since most of APASD already was familiar with doing workshops and outreach, I asked Vy Hoang for her help and soon we were work -shopping for the communities that the APASD was already educating and reaching out to.

Vy was our special focus on the API community, so after Anal-Play Angela and I would give our SHEP information, Vy would jump in with speicifc analysis on the community.

Our first workshop was for the Asian Pacific Islander Conference, and was titled #NotYourAsianBlowUpDoll and focused around Sexual debuts and Healthy relationships.

Our second workshop was with the Southeast Asian Student Coalition, and I saw many familiar faces from the previous workshop. Our focus was on Sexual positivity and Consent. This workshop was especially dear to me because I am half Thai, so the experiences and intersectionalites as it specifically applied to myself and my mother, made me feel very connected to the stories our community shared during the time in the workshop, and I think I really want to make a difference specifically in the southeast Asian community, where voices of marginalized women are sometimes hidden underneath the predominant narratives of east Asian women.

Ticha Community 2Our third workshop was for the Asian Pacific American Theme house, and this workshop focused also around healthy relationships (consent!) and sexual debuts, as we were presenting to a majority first-year API group, all facilitators thought it was very important to emphasize and role play asking for and giving consent within this community.

We have two or three more workshops planned, so hopefully we can get the details of all the specific workshops worked out over the next week, but I would really love to do a sexual pleasure workshop in this community because I feel as if I haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, and I think some very good discussions would come out of it, with Hardboiled magazine, and the Queer and Asian Conference.

I think overall I really learned a lot about this community, and they received it very well, with progressive open minds and smiling faces, I genuinely think a lot of women especially in the API community learned very valuable information. Vy and other members of the API spaces have expressed their concerns that sex is often a slilent topic within the community and I’m glad that I was able to provide a forum in which we could open up a discussion and engage in discourse about these issues.

My community can continue to learn about sexual health information by engaging in our SHEP decal, and coming to more SHEP outreach events. I also know that there is an Asian Pacific Islander health issues decal, so I’m sure they also provide very great information.

~ SEXpert, Ticha