This week, I will be talking about sexual assault, more specifically, sexual assault on males in the military. The military used to be dominated by male soldiers. Today, still only 20% of the military are made up of women. Being overseas and far away from your partner, urges for sexual pleasure creep up. Being that the vast majority of the military are males, men have been sexually assaulted quite often. They can get attacked, raped, and traumatized for life. That is why in the article that I read, they talked about health care facilities that make support groups for veterans who have been sexually assaulted. The victims are able to tell their story and hear other victims’ stories. The environment is meant to support one another get past the traumatizing event that happened when they were on duty.

I never knew about these programs, but I’m glad they have them available for veterans. Sexual assault to anyone is traumatizing and should be stopped. No one deserves to be raped. As humans, we should decide who we want to have sexual encounters with. Rape is NEVER the answer.

~ “Magic” Mike