On Thursday afternoon around 4pm, I handed out 30 condoms from the

Sather Gate to Wheeler Hall.

Different from my prior expectation, the experience of handing out

condoms cannot be described by a single word of either hard or easy. As

Berkeley is known for its diversity of students, people reacted differently when

they were handed a condom. Some people simply ignored the condom and

rushed to their classes while others were glad to take the condoms and asked

questions about the SHAW.

Most interestedly, some people expressed interest about the condoms

themselves. As we were handing out the rainbow series of condoms this time,

some people asked me if they could get a ultra thin condom instead and some

other students would also prefer extra large ones. Therefore, for future condom

handing activities, it might be worth considering the idea of preparing a diverse

range of condoms and give them out based on the need of people.

Another detail that worth mentioning is that (biological) gender might

affect the possibility that one would take a condom in public. During my

experience of handing out condoms, it appears that more males than females

would accept the condoms. While the reason of this could be traced to culture or

their birth origin, the way that females were taught differently from males might

be part of the answer to this question.