Shep_logo rainbow transparentHi! It’s Anal-Play Angela reporting back on a workshop I just facilitated for the Sather Health DeCal on Monday 10/27! 

The topics were LGBTQI identities, general sexual health, and STI/HIV protection.

To start off, we created sexy names for the whole class and then I did that “what is sex” activity and had the class shout out what came to mind: “penis,” “orgasm,” “fetish” among other items. This was to show how sex brings up biological origin, gender expressions, and even sex acts! This exercise teaches students to be specific what we mean by “sex,” and also that cultural assumptions come with sex.

Angela for Sather HealthNext, I went through the long version of the acronym LGBTQIAFD2SP…. with the class, focusing on intersectionality.

Lastly, before time ran out I gave a few really quick basic tips to avoid STIs. I recommended using a condom/dental dam for oral sex because I heard from many students that they didn’t like giving head with protection.  However, cuts in the mouth exposes one to HIV; mouth to genitals potentially exposes one to bacterial infection and even herpes! So this was one basic tip I shared based on real student experience. 

I had a great time talking to the Sather Health DeCal and they had lots of great questions and a sex positive attitude.

Thanks for having me! 
We’re out! 
Anal-Play Angela.