It’s your girl checkin’ in–and guess what? Totally, and spontaneously, pierced my nipples yesterday around noon by Lysa at Industrial in Berkeley.

From a scale of 10, I’d rate the pain from 8-10. It goes something like this: “Oh, it’s fine. 8/10.” Then, as the needle pierces your skin, all your nerves pinch, senses heighten, and it felt like the most painful (and fastest) 10/10 painful orgasm that jolted from my nipples to my knees, to my clit, down to my toes. I had to wiggle that shit out. Ehh. Not again.

But yes, yes again.


Time for my right side. I did my left nipple first because I’m more sensitive there. Others have told me that the second one hurts more because all your endorphins and adrenaline runs out after the first nipple piercing. From my experience, I didn’t find that true. Both hurt, if not the first more, equally. The second one was almost better because I expected the pain and was familiar with the pain. Regardless, the second piercing still hurt and I was like–well, there ya go. 8-10/10 electric jolt flowing through my body. TYBG.


It helps to breathe in, then out. Wiggle your toes afterwards. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. (When I was little, I loved watching the needles go into my vein before surgeries. I like to watch  myself get tatted. It’s a pleasure-pain dynamic). So, I think for me to say that it was a 10/10–means it’s a pretty intense amount of painful-lovin.


Anyway, I love the piercings and definitely recommend nipple piercings to any body who is thinkin’ ’bout it. Pain is temporary–the worst literally lasted a second; and you’re gonna have these bad boys for quite some time–if not the rest of your life. Pop an ibuprofen (or three) afterwards, and you’re good to go. I even cheered at a football game (GO BEARS!) later that night.

They’re highly sensitive and I’m wearing my most supportive bra to minimize titty-bouncing. And yes, I know you’re lazy, but ya gotta soak them in the sea salt solution. Can’t wait til my nippies heal so I can have playtime with them. And/or show them off with my fashion choices.


Sending y’all love from my titties,