Today I handed out condoms for the very first time. I was pretty excited yet nervous

since I didn’t know how to approach people and hand them the condoms. I was also

worried about their reactions toward receiving the condoms. But it turned out to be great

eventually. I started handing out the condoms this morning right in front of Sather Gate

around 10:30am to 11:00 am. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hand out a lot of condoms because

there weren’t many people at that time and some people were not interested in getting

free condoms. I wasn’t very successful for the first time, so I told myself that I would try

again after my class; hopefully it would be better. When I got out of my class at 1pm, the

lower Sproul was busy at that time and I thought that was a good sign to give out condoms.

I thought it would be an easy task and I assumed many people would love to take free

condoms. (Why not? It’s totally free. ) But it turned out that I was completely wrong. It

was way harder than I expected. I tried to approach a few people but what I received back

was the indifference from those passing people. I could only hand out 5 condoms for that

morning. I felt a little discouraged, but then a brilliant idea came to me. What if I handed

out the condoms to those who really need them and would be likely to use them? And the

answer popped up in my head that FRAT HOUSE would be a perfect location.

Then, I left the campus and went on my frat house searching journey. I went to

two frat houses and it was a huge success. They welcomed me and they got excited when

hearing about free condoms. One of the guys there shouted out excitedly: “FREE CONDOMS,

GUYS. This is so cool.” After I finished handing out condoms at two frat houses, I couldn’t

continue my journey because I had some stuff to do. Then, I went back to my dorm later at

night and handed out the remaining condoms to my friends.

In short, I had some hard time handing out the condoms at the beginning but it

ended really well. I successfully handed out 30 condoms at different locations such as

Sproul, Frat houses, and my dorm. It was really hot today, and wandering from one frat

house to another frat house made me sweat like hell but I really enjoyed the task.