I distributed 30 condoms at Cory Hall on Friday at 1:00 PM, September 4th. My experience handing out condoms was very interesting. The location was Cory Hall located in the north side of the UC Berkeley Campus. This is the building for the Electrical Engineering department, the majority of students here are Asians and Caucasians. However, there is difference in gender population, about 70% males, and 30% women. As I was handing out the condoms, some students would accept it and some would denied or simply ignored me, in particular women. I think in general, the engineering department is not too interested to explore their sexuality, and have an active sexual activity. They are already too busy with the school work that there is no time for distractions, at least while they are in the school semester. My experience was very easy, I had no shame handing out these condoms. In fact, it was really fun see the facial expression of the students and hear different opinions from different students. Some students would joke with me about it, and say that they do not need them because they would first need to find a woman. Other ones would say that they simply are not into sex at the moment. Other ones would laugh, say “No, thank you” and walk away. Very few students would take one, and thank me for doing this. I also tried to hand out a condom to a faculty member, however he declined to receive one because he said that he was too old for that but I can give it to my grad student. It was really funny how he reacted to the condom offer. I did it intentionally to see what he reaction was going to be and it turned out to be really funny moment.