Having planned to meet with the girls from class on Friday at noon across the way from Memorial Glade. As I had a class to attend at 1240, I waited until about 1215. Mustered up the courage, busted out my pack of multicolored , rainbow condoms and began offering them up like samples at Costco. The reactions ranged from different all throughout the spectrum. There were people who gladly accepted a condom, with no shame to the art of sex safe, and there were some who wanted nothing to do with it. The only difference was when I addressed people directly, saying no was a a lot harder! You had the coy and embarrassed no, the “you-should-be-ashamed-of-yourself” no, the silent but deadly no, oh and my favorite, the “I-want-to-but-it’s-embarrassing” no, among many other no’s.
At least 200 people must have passed me by and I only gave out about half of the condoms. Given I was only out handing out condoms for about 30 minutes, I just assumed that more people would be willing to accept a condom, in the spirit of safe sex. When people say that sex is taboo, it is often taken out of context. The word taboo comes from the term Pacific Islander term, “tapu” which means sacred; to be treated with respect, and may be forbidden to people who cannot handle its power. Going back to biblical references, it is a sin to engage in sex before marriage because it is considered sacred and treated with respect. Sex being taboo does not mean it’s bad or forbidden it is simply means that sex should not be engaged between people who cannot handle the powers and responsibilities that it brings.