Daysha RRR blog imageHey y’all!

It’s your girl checkin’ in during Reading, Review, and Recitation (RRR) Week at UC Berkeley. Congratulations on completing a(nother) semester at Cal! If you’re familiar with Cal, then you might know that next week is colloquially referred to as “Dead Week” by students. If not, now you know. Also, if you’re not currently a student, this post is still for you! Let’s talk about stress, baby.

Perhaps you’re stressing from your job, your kids, your partner, or your physical appearance (hair, weight, acne); know that substantial stress can influence a body’s sexual performance. That is why I take mental health and self-care very seriously. Here are some ways that your well-being affects your sex life:

  • Stress decreases your libido, which means you might not want to have sex
  • Stress or depression could prevent a female body’s ability to orgasm or decrease their level of wetness
  • Stressed male identifying bodies might have erectile dysfunction, like not being able to get a hard-on and/or cumming early

My favorite ways to stress less:

  1. Create a more relaxing environment Play some feel-good music while you take a hot shower, then afterwards, get in your fresh sheets while nude. Light a candle and nap (or masturbate!)
  2. Regular exercise, enough sleep, and a healthy diet does wonders for your spirit
  3. Get some flowers for your home or take a stroll at the Berkeley Marina. Looking at nature has proven to reduce stress levels
  4. Smell the oranges citrus helps uplift the spirit. Happy mind, happy body, happy sex
  5. Massages be kind to yourself. treat your body to a massage for a holistic approach to destressing
  6. Play with animals interacting with fuzzy puppies or petting kittens always brings a smile to my face. Little animals are so gentle and happy, that they remind me to be kind to myself.
  7. Talk to friends and family seeing them over coffee, Skype, or Facetime might help you feel more supported and may give you to boost you need to perform better (at work, in school, in the bedroom)

That is all for now. Stress less, be happy, and be kind to yourself and others. Til’ next time. Happy holidays!

With love and lust,

Daysha xoxo