Since the enactment of the “Yes Means Yes” bill on September 29, 2014, I feel like there has been a surge in visibility on occurrences of rapes at Frat Houses at UC Berkeley. I dont think that there is an increase in “rapes”, but relatively better visibility on on-campus rapes. Visibility, however, doesn’t mean better investigations. I say “rape” because there’s a phenomenon on what is considered “real rape” versus “fake” rape, which I’ll discuss later. Let’s just take look-sie of recent (reported) incidents at UC Berkeley frat houses:

October 3:
October 16:
Octoer 17:
October 23:

Keep in mind that most rape cases are not reported for several reasons; because the victim might be trying to protect the identity of their perpetrator, don’t want to go through the traumatizing processes, might experience victim-blaming, etc. Furthermore, there must be a substantial amount of evidence to declare a rape case true. If there’s not substantial evidence or the victim backs out, then the rapist is considered “innocent”.

Thank you to all that participated in Carry the Weight event on October 20, where “UC Berkeley students stood in solidarity with survivors, helping #carrytheweight of sexual assault. Over 130 schools participated in this national day of action inspired by Emma from Columbia, who is carrying her mattress until the assailant is expelled from the university.” See for more details.