I did my Random Acts of Sexiness after work at around 7pm on Friday before Valentine’s Day. With that said, this went by pretty quickly. I did it at Sweet Tomatoes and told people via snapchat, as well as people who just came in the restaurant (primarily a younger crowd). I thought this would be pretty awkward at first considering it’s just giving out sex kits to people I probably don’t know, but it was actually pretty fun and I got to talk to some cool people about why I was doing it and how they were appreciative so they didn’t have to buy condoms.

I was also able to give out some to my roommates who heard about the class and knew about what I was doing before I went to work that day. I think the best part about this is taking away the awkwardness that society has put on taking preventative and safe sex measures. I know I was definitely nervous and felt awkward, which is very rare for me, but people being appreciative and taking them off my hands within about 20 minutes definitely changed my mood. I definitely will participate in this again, even outside of the class.