picI did my shift for National Condom Day(February 13, 2015) from 1:10 to 2:30 and in that time a lot of interesting things happened. Since the table was already manned by people, I decided to hand out individual condoms to people walking by Sather Gate. At first, the act of giving condoms to people is awkward, very awkward. Reactions were varied and interesting. Some people took offense and recoiled in disgust for some reason. Others laughed and happily accepted a handful of condoms with a smile. After a while, the initial awkwardness began to wear off and I was eventually more confident to ask people if they wanted condoms. Though I was comfortable asking people if they wanted condoms, asking if people wanted lube was pretty embarrassing. When my shift ended, I helped deconstruct the table for SHEP and carried supplies back to the Tang Center.

Overall, the experience of handing out condoms was pretty awkward, but my apprehension eventually faded away and I was ok with standing there with a handful of condoms in my hands. People for the most part were friendly about accepting condoms; many were enthusiastic to take multiple condoms and lube and that made me feel less awkward. Others were rude and gave me a bad look for wanting to hand them a condom. I think if I had to do this again, I’d still be awkward, but I’d still have fun watching people react in various ways to being offered a condom.