I did my Random Act of Sexiness at Sather gate on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

It was a lot of fun! Really hot, and it was interesting watching people’s reactions when I handed them bags stocked full of safe and sexy solutions for healthy sex.
I did my RAS with a friend, Jamee Stahl, and we distributed a total of 60 bags. Many people were enthusiastic about our bags. I realized that the more excited I got about the bags, the more excited they were too. So I low key shoved my bags into peoples’ faces and screamed “HAVE SAFE SEX” at them until they laughed or ran away.
It was altogether a very eye opening experience. A lot of people actually really wanted our bags, which encouraged me and restored my faith in humanity. But there some people who didn’t want them at all, and that concerns me. Everyone should have safe sex, and prevent the transmission of unwanted STI’s or having unwanted pregnancies.
All in all, I think people really enjoyed our bags of condoms, lube, and other goodies. I hope they’re being put to use for good, and not evil.
I thought a great deal of things during the 30 minutes we passed out our bags. At first, I was admittedly a little abashed, and I wasn’t super comfortable. But after a few minutes, I realized that I was doing people a favor and that they legitimately wanted them too. Of course, we got a lot of nervous chuckles and funny reactions, but it was all in good fun. Some of my church friends stopped by and were astounded when they realized what I was doing.
I sincerely hope that we got people thinking about having safer sex, and that our packets made a difference. It’s definitely opened my mind to a lot of things.