I gave out condoms on February 9, 2015 andas February 12, 2015 in various locations around school including Sproul, the benches in front of Dwinelle, and Memorial Glade. It was around 4PM when I handed out condoms. I was able to distribute a total of 30 bags of condoms.

The experience was pretty nerve racking for me at first. The first day that I attempted to give out condoms, I was only able to give it to a couple of girls before losing my courage. It seemed especially difficult to give it to guys at first; however, my second attempt at handing out condoms went a bit smoother. Once again, it took me awhile to build up my courage to even begin handing out condoms again. I ended up making a lot of eye contact with people, but couldn’t bring myself to give them the condoms. I must say that they made me look pretty suspicious. It was hard to scope out individuals I should give condoms to. There were people who just looked were probably old enough for me to give condoms to such as freshmen or sophomores; however, I just felt awkward about giving it to people who looked younger than me.

I found that girls were more uncomfortable about taking condoms compared to guys. I ended up just giving out the rest of the condoms to males because of the positive response I kept getting. They were more comfortable about accepting it and made it a more positive interaction. They showed excitement and were pretty thankful for receiving it as though it was a gift. Overall, the response I got from the males made passing out condoms so much easier. For females, I felt extra self-conscious and worried that they were judging me. In my experience, females were also more prone to not accepting the condoms or simply brushed me off.