On Wednesday, I complete my “Random Act of Sexiness”. Iunnamed (1) completed it with a friend, so we had 60 bags of condoms to hand out. We started at approximately 3 o’clock so there weren’t many people out on Sproul at that point but it only took us around 15 to 20 minutes to hand out all of the bags of condoms. For the most part, a lot of the people seemed really uncomfortable when I would say “free condoms” or “safe sex” and just walk quickly away or laugh at us awkwardly. Some people, however, were really grateful and even sought us out rather than waiting for us to asking them whether they would like a bag or not.

More girls than guys seemed uncomfortable with the idea of taking the condoms. All the people who were excited about it were men that I can remember except for one woman who looked to be towards her 30’s in age. Another interesting thing that I noted was that a lot of the men who seemed to be actively excited were Caucasian. This was just an observation, but it made me more aware of culture differences that surround sex. I’m also curious as to whether the reason that more men were excited about the condoms is because women tend to get more comfortable with sexuality as they get older or if it’s because women tend to feel that it’s the man’s responsibility to provide the condoms? Either way, there was clearly a discrepancy between men’s and women’s responses to the free condoms.

Overall, the experience was really rewarding. Not only were we advocating a good cause, those who took the condoms genuinely seemed grateful about it, and with Valentine’s Day on Saturday, I’m sure a lot of them will definitely be grateful!