SEX chalk board pic

It’s getting Hot in here! Not only was the weather making us sweat however the excitement of finally meeting our students lifted our body temperatures. What was our first topic, you might be asking? The focus was them…our Students. It was all about THEM.

Wednesday marked the beginning of another wonderful semester full of Sexual Health! With many students from different backgrounds gathering around all excited for the adventures to cum.

So…who are the sexy facilitators for the Wednesday Decal this semester? Let me introduce them; Rock Hard Robey, Juicy Jamee, and Lustful Lucero.

Now the SEX 101 Decal would not be complete without a series of introductions and the selection of our Sexy Names. The idea of Sexy Names, opens the windows of creativity. Encouraging students to create their own alliteration that will close the gap between Sexual Health and their own name. If they could not think of any, they were not shy to ask their fellow community for ideas. Thinking hard and sexy, every student was able to choose a Sexy Name that they both enjoyed and celebrated. And for the duration of the course, the students will identify and grow with their Sexy Name.

Now, everything could not be possible without the help of the students and the establishment of community agreements, thus creating this safe environment where sex is discussed and celebrated. Establishing the agreement of making space for others to share and respecting the student that is speaking. With these agreements, the students began to form their Sexual Health community.

Sadly, the class came to an end with the discussion of the syllabi. Discussing rules and assignments, seemed to make the students more excited. The course was beginning to come alive. Talks about Random Acts of Sexiness and SHAW (Sexual Health Awareness Week), made the class explore with anticipation. They could not wait to show the UC Berkeley community all they will learn in the course.

So…stay tune for the Wednesday Decal students. They are excited to meet and share the knowledge of sexual health. They are willing to hit the ground running –leaving sex positivity everywhere they go.