On this day ,Wednesday September 9 students explored both the external and internal anatomies of male and female bodies. Though this may seem like fundamental knowledge it was important that this particular section come before we begin exploring other topics. It is remarkable that students go through formal education without learning the parts of their own sexual anatomy or of their counterparts. I myself , must admit that learning the parts of my own internal and external anatomy came in my later teenage years and in fact I learned male anatomy before I learned my own. THE PATRIARCHY?!!

We began our class section with an Ice Breaker called “Move your Ass…”. During this activity students actively engaged in conversations surrounding  sexual preferences,activities, practices or procedures etc. that they engage in while attempting to get their peers to “move their ass” in the process if they to engage in this said activity. Afterward,it was clear that  we grew more acquainted with our students. We will definitely utilize this activity in future class meetings!

Furthermore, It was imperative that we presented on the external and internal anatomies because often times in middle school health curriculum students don’t get this information, or when they do, they may have difficulty due to how awkward it may be to discuss these ideas with other adolescent peers. Proclivities to discuss sex at this age are common but repressed. This has dire consequences that may prevent youth from obtaining vital information that may ultimately save their lives. Students learned that there are 16 , YES 16 different Contraceptives. My fellow Sexpert Jamee presented on these  and provided crucial background information for each of them including the chemical responses that transpire when taken, how often it should be taken and the general consensus surrounding each form of contraceptive.

I am very confident that students left our section with a better understanding of their bodies and varying ways in which they can engage in healthier sex practices.

Next class section we will dive into the following topics : Sexual Debuts and Healthy Relationships. Let the SEXY LEARNING CONTINUE !

Be Well,


Female Anatomy